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Equa Equa


Equa is a Slovenian manufacturer of fashionable and environmentally-friendly bottles. The name stems from the words ECO and AQUA which combine the concepts of water and environmetally-friendly thinking.

The plastic bottles are made from an organic and recyclable material called Eastman Tritan. All Equa bottles are dishwasher-proof and suited for holding hot drinks. The material does not contain any harmful bisphenol A (BPA) compound or soluble substances. In addition, 10% of the profits on the Equa bottles are donated to the protection of nature and the environment.

In addition to the plastic bottles, the Equa bottle selection also includes cheerful and colourful CMYK-series glass bottles. The glass bottles are made from a borosilicate material, which endures changes in temperature especially well, and thus the bottles are also well-suited for warm drinks. The bottle is finished off with a tight cap made from stainless steel, and colourful silicone strips to protect the bottle from dents. The glass used in the bottles is 100% recyclable and dishwasher-proof.

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